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16 September 2011 @ 03:51 pm
My super fun week in Ohio~! :D  
Soooo....hi! ^^  I meant to make this post like, weeks ago when I actually got back from Ohio, but the first few weeks of school have been really hectic, and I'm just now getting back into the swing of things. But anyways!  Onto my trip! 

So for those of you who don't know, I went to Cincinnati to visit Fluffy and his parents. It was my second time visiting there. I took a bus up on Monday and got there early Tuesday morning. Taking the bus is always an adventure in itself to me XP So Fluffy picked me up from the bus station and we went and had breakfast in Newport, Kentucky XD  Why Kentucky you ask? Because Fluffy works at the Newport Aquarium!! It's actually right across the Ohio River from downtown Cincinnati. So we had breakfast and then went straight to his job. 


We got there a little before the aquarium opened, so I had to wait outside for a bit. Once it did open Fluffy got me a free ticket and I was free to wander around while he cleaned tanks. Since it was early it was really empty so it was nice with just me and the fish ^_^ 

They had a lot of awesome stuff in there!!! They had Japanese Spider Crabs which are insanely HUGE if you've never seen one, and a really cool jellyfish exhibit so I was like "OMG PRETTY CNIDARIANS~~" XD  And the Sturgeon tank they had was really big and Sturgeons themselves are really really cute (to me anyway XDD). They also had little gators and 6 different species of penguins and river otters!!!!! 8DD all of which were so adorable ^^  A really cool thing they had was the open shark tank where you could stick your hand in and pet them! They were just cute little harmless cat sharks, no great whites here XD

Then I got to the "dangerous" wing of the aquarium, where Fluffy works XD They had lots of pretty lionfish and even a couple stone fish too, which are actually the most venomous fish in the world. Little known fact for ya there :)  They also had a bunch of piranha which always make me giggle. Their faces are so funny and smushed they look like aliens XD  And of course, they had the big huge tank with tons of fish that you walk through a subtunnel to see it all. And fish include sharks. The big ones :D  They had 3 sand tigers (the ones with really nasty looking teeth) and a bunch of reef sharks, a zebra shark and a nurse shark (so cute!!! ^^), and 2 shark rays, which were also really adorable~ There was also a loggerhead sea turtle too!

Needless to say, I felt right at home ^-^  After a while Fluffy came and found me and asked if I wanted to help :DD  So first he showed me all the cool behind the scenes stuff and then he took me to the food prep room! I helped him peel shrimp for feeding time later! :D  After we were done with that he said I could wander a little bit more and he'd come get me when he got his break for lunch. Even though he left me alone a lot, I was never bored ^^

So lunch came and we went to this amazing restaurant that specialized in grilled cheese sandwiches!!! SO DELICIOUS~~ 8D 

Then when we got back it was time for the fishies lunch too!! Fluffy let me tag along and watch him feed the different fish, and the electric eel! He even let me feed the lionfish!! Not the stonefish though, too dangerous. That's his job XD  Then we went back to the food prep room and I watched him cut up the bigger fish for the sharks 8D After that we went on top of the big tank and got the sea turtle into the separate pen to feed him separately since it's too troublesome to do it with the sharks. They were also keeping a smaller zebra shark in the separate pen since the bigger zebra shark in the big tank had been picking on him :( 

So you know those poles with the claw on the end and you squeeze a trigger and the claw closes? They use those to feed the fish to the sharks and the sea turtle. Anyway, Fluffy let me take the pole and feed the sea turtle and the little zebra shark!!! It was so awesome!!!! And they were so cute eating the fish I gave them XDD

Then the main event: big shark feeding time. I got to stand out on the catwalk and watch Fluffy and his mentor feed the big sand tigers and the reef sharks. It was a really lively feeding, lots of thrashing and noms. One of the sand tigers actually broke a part off of Fluffy's pole and broke the claw!!  :O 

Ok, nerdiness over XD;;

Well after all that and clean up, Fluffy got off work and we went back to his house!  His mom was there but his dad was on a business trip so he wouldn't be back til tomorrow. I also saw his 2 doggies!!!

This one is Maya. She's pretty old, in her early teens I think, so she doesn't do that much. 

This one is Winnie! She's a lot younger so she runs around a lot more and she's pretty yappy, but still super adorable~ XD

So cute!!!!!! XDD

Day 2:

The next day me and Fluffy and a couple of his friends went canoeing on the Little Miami river! I love canoeing but I haven't done it in a while, and we went freaking 9 MILES down the river. I was so sore afterwards X.x  But it was a lot of fun! We packed some lunch and did some swimming too :)

Then that night Fluffy said he'd take me out on a date :D  His dad got back that day, and that meant his car was back too. His dad has a brand new blue Miata convertible, and GOOD GOD IS IT GORGEOUS *____*   Fluffy borrowed it from him and we went to a super delicious pizza place! 

Fluffy driving stick! :D

It's so nice to ride in!!


After some delicious pizza, we got Graeter's ice cream!! So yummy~  Then we went back to his house and that was it for the day.

Day 3: 

We spent the whole day at King's Island! We both love amusement parks so we both had tons of fun riding roller coasters and everything ^^ Fluffy even won me a prize!

It's so cute!!! And Sakumoto colors too XD  Fluffy won it for me playing Pong. Basically beer pong without the beer XD I named him Bi, short for Bikkuri, because his little arms and eyes make him look very surprised XDD

Day 4:

It was pretty much just a day of packing. Since we started school the next week, me and Fluffy were gonna drive back down together in his car. So he was getting all his crap together, but we did find time to go shopping at Jungle Jim's! Super super huge grocery store with everything you can think of and lots of things you've never heard of XD  I kind of splurged...a lot...

8DDD  I couldn't help myself XD SO MANY GOODIES!!!!!!! 

I also got some yummy British sweets!!! I LOOOOVE Cadbury chocolate~ *___*  And Fluffy made me curious about Jaffa cakes so I decided to try them. They're basically these little cakes covered in chocolate with orange filling in the middle. I love how on the box it says "10 spongy cakes with the squidgy orange bit" XD They're really good!

As for how Fluffy got me interested in Jaffa cakes...he showed me this show called the Yogscast on youtube. It's just these 2 British guys named Simon and Lewis who play certain computer games together, but they're SO HILARIOUS. My favorite series of theirs is the Minecraft one, and here's one of my top favorite episodes: 

SO. FREAKING. HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!! XDDDDD  I seriously just about die laughing everytime I watch this. The fire is one thing, and then the back door incident just tops it off. I love their freakouts and how they're just so bad at the game, and the British accents just make it super ultra awesome XDD I can't tell you how many hours on youtube I've wasted watching them, they're so entertaining XD

ANYWAYS. Since it was our last night, Fluffy's parent's took us out to dinner at Bonefish Grill. Everything was incredibly delicious and I had 2 citrus martinis which were AWESOME and left me buzzed XD;; 

Well the next day we left in the morning, drove all day, and made it back to Myrtle Beach later that night.  And a couple days later school started and...yeah, that's it :) 

If you read all that...you must have some time to kill XPP

I didn't really do anything on the 15th, which I feel kinda bad about, but hey! I usually party on Nov 3, so it's ok right?? XP Well since I didn't do anything, I'll upload another one of my old fanvids in the next day or so and post it :Db 

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Juri-chanicedragontmr on September 18th, 2011 01:16 am (UTC)
I can't tell the dogs apart, but they look so adorable!! Haha. You geek out about sea critters like I do medical things, lol. Glad to see you had a good time~
Moo-chanemodiva on September 18th, 2011 08:45 pm (UTC)
lol Winnie's smaller and younger looking, but it's a lot easier to tell who's who in person ^^
To each nerd her own~ XD